Believe it or not - there was a lady with a small dog at our June's concert in 2008. I had to ask "dama s sobachkoy" to leave, and we are lucky that the club people did not see it. Please tell your friends that our program is not suitable for even the smartest dogs.

We know from the past that some little kids talk loudly and run around the auditorium during our performance. This is very annoying for actors and their relatives - I've heard very negative comments from both.

Some concerts are long - there are few little kids who could bear it. I am NOT talking about your 5 year old kids - if they can understand the rules. You and your friends know your/their children so you should use your own judgment.

Usually the poetry part of concerts is not of interest for little children.

While the kids are not such a problem during funny scenes, there are still some rules:

Thank you very much for your understanding.